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web-based cmv truck driver safety training

Online Trucking Company Driver Training Section

Please note your trucking company can completely customize your Online Learning Management System, even for individual users. Create tests for your customized content, use our pre-produced modules that come standard with Infinit-i™, use your own materials, or even utilize licensed content with appropriate releases from the license holder.

The Infinit-i LMS also comes with our acclaimed customer service. We provide your designated administrators with step-by-step, comprehensive training that ensures smooth implementation, accurate reporting, and daily management.

Below are links to training sections of our online driver training videos your drivers will be viewing. The videos in our training platform powered by Infinit-i™ are followed by test questions.

Road Accident Prevention-
Drivers will learn in this section best practices on how to address specific hazards encountered while on the road and provide specific guidance with regards to accident prevention.

Load Management Cargo Securement Hazmat-
This section address important load management practices, including the loading of various types of trailers, cargo securement, and Hazmat.

Vehicle Handling and Upkeep-
This section covers proper inspection, operation, and driver maintenance of the commercial vehicle, physical equipment, and Pre/Post Trip Inspections.

Driving Practices-
This section deals with the driving practices drivers are actively involved in the operation of a commercial vehicle.

Roadside Inspections-
This series of videos can help your drivers learn what to expect from roadside DOT inspections and how they should respond to the inspection officer. Your drivers will learn how they can promote a positive outcome.

Accident Response-
In this video, drivers learn how they should respond immediately following an accident, and what they can do to promote the most positive outcomes possible.

FMCSA CSA Overview-
FMCSA CSA 7 Basics and Overview driver training section. The training videos in this section will help drivers understand how FMCSA Comprehensive Safety Analysis will effect their driving safety ratings, how long the violations remain on their driving history, and how violations can cause the company DOT interventions.

Driver Wellness- Health of the professional truck driver is important to many people. For this reason we at Vertical Alliance Group are developing a driver wellness training area that focuses on a drivers well being.

Content Catalog Infinit-i™ Provides training material not only for drivers but management as well. Our Learning Management System is a complete company training solution.

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