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web-based cmv truck driver safety training

What is Infinit-i?

Infinit-i is a cost-effective, easy-to-use web based solution for delivering driver training through the internet. Infinit-I has the power to track and report user participation and comprehension. Training videos are accessible through the internet using computers, smart-phones and tablets.

With Infinit-I, your company has the ability to quickly inform and educate all drivers. The Infinit-i system reduces risk and improves CSA scores by creating positive behavioral changes in employees by implementing consistent and meaningful training.

Take FMCSA CSA as an example.

  1. Train your drivers on the 7 CSA "B.A.S.I.C.'s"
  2. Prevent violations and interventions and improve your BASIC scores before the warning letters go out
  3. Avoid unnecessary roadside inspections
  4. Increase clean roadside inspections
  5. Provides proof of training, should you ever be audited by a government regulatory agency
  6. Efficient and cost-effective corrective action training

Pre- loaded driver training video library, most videos are only 5 - 7 minutes long.

How Does Infinit-i Work?

We assign each driver their own login username and password. The videos are then pre-assigned to the driver based on the curriculum and schedule offered in this program. The videos automatically show up in the classroom and disappear when completed.

Step 1:

The driver logs into the Infinit-i system to enter the classroom.

Infinit-i Login

Step 2:

Inside the classroom the driver will then click on an assigned video.

Driver Assigments

The video will automatically begin playing


Most of the videos are only 3 - 7 minutes long. Benefits of short videos are:

  • Holding the driver's attention for the whole video improves retention
  • More convenient due to the minimal time commitment
  • Advantageous for ongoing refresher/reminder training affecting long term behavioral changes

Step 3:

After the driver/employee has watched the entire video, test questions automatically begin in order to evaluate driver comprehension and retention of the information.


The Driver will see the results of the test with a summary of the incorrect answers.

Test Results

When a driver does not adequately pass a test, the video is reassigned and notifies the driver that the video has been re-assigned. If the driver passes the test, the video will no longer appear in the classroom. As a part of the Infinit-i system, all drivers will be rewarded with a certification of completion. The certificates are created automatically and e-mailed to the manager to be printed or forwarded to the driver.

Driver Certificate

Step 4 - Reporting:

The manager can view completed training by running a simple report that will show the time and date stamp of what and when training was completed. The example below is an example of a company report.

Automatic Reporting

Step 5 - Automatic Reporting:

Automatic activity reports are sent on a weekly basis, notifying the manager what has or hasn?t been completed. The manger is also notified of all past due assignments.


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